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My name is Brian Beavers and I have recently purchased my own equipment and am actively looking for work for these machines.  I have been a machinist for roughly 30 years.  My shop consists of: 

        * A 19" X 54: Leblond lathe which can swing 12" over the carriage. 
          This   machine has a 3" hole for turning 
          shafts or other long work.

        * A Series II Bridgeport with DRO.

        * A saw capable of cutting 10" stock.

        * A 2 ton crane for lifting capabilities.

        * A small press with a 30 ton jack.

        * A full set of Dumont broaches for internal keyways.  
          1/8" through 3/4" broaches, 1/2" - 3" shaft sizes.

        * An oxy/acetalyne rig for heating and cutting.

        * Mikes from 0" - 12"

My training comes from a certified apprenticeship program offered by Exxon where I spent 20 years in both shop and field repairs.  I have experience in fabrication, maintenance, and troubleshooting in mostly rotating equipment, seal parts, sleeves, couplings, wear rings, etc.  I also do internal and external threading/ bore and bush boring housings.

The company name is LBW Machine of which I am the owner/operator.

Phone:  713-367-9533
Fax:  281-576-6831 ( call first to have fax enabled)

Please consider LBW Machine for your outsourcing needs

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